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Push For More Comprehensive Injury Settlement Compensation

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An injury settlement can be a long battle for getting what you deserve, even if your legal opponent has admitted some fault. Your opponent’s goal is to pay as little as possible to make you satisfied. In many cases, this means tricking you into taking less money than you deserve. A few negotiation angles can help you stand firm in your demands and reach for settlement terms that are fair to you and still quite viable for your legal opponent. Read More»

Six Forms Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Every Employee Should Recognize

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When it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, there are two basic categories recognized by law: Quid pro quo, which involves the direct treatment of an employee by a supervisor, and the sexually hostile work environment. These two categories cover a comprehensive list of unfavorable conditions and behaviors. Learning to recognize the various forms of sexual harassment is the best way to keep yourself protected. 1. Explicit Sexual Comments Read More»