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Denied Your Social Security? Getting Legal Help Affordably

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If you are like most, you've noticed the ads for Social Security lawyers who promise to help you get benefits at no cost, and you may have wondered how that is possible. The answer is that the services are not technically free of charge, but the contingency fee agreement is an awesome service for those who need it. Read on to learn more.

Why You Need Help

It can be devastating news to get; after all the waiting the Social Security Administration (SSA) has denied you your benefits. You should understand that this is not the end of the road for you. You do have the right to appeal the denial, and you should have legal assistance to do so successfully. No one else knows better what the SSA needs to see and hear at the appeals hearing, and just having someone on your side is an immense comfort.

The Contingency Fee Agreement

Not only does the SSA approve of you having an attorney represent you at the appeal, but they also have in place regulations about how the attorneys get paid and more. You and your attorney must come to an agreement that meets the SSA standards, and it must be approved by them.

The best thing about the fee agreement is that you will not have to come up with any money to pay your attorney in advance. You will only owe them anything if you win your benefits on appeal. The agreement you sign will stipulate exactly how much your attorney will receive if you win your case, and the amounts have caps placed there by the SSA. A Social Security attorney may only receive 25% or less of the total amount of your back pay.

Back Pay

From the time you apply until you get benefits, except for a mandatory waiting period, you begin to accrue benefits. That money is paid to you in lump sum form once your benefits are approved, and it is from this lump sum payment of back pay that your attorney is paid. For instance, if you are awarded $10,000 in back pay, your attorney may receive $2,500 of that amount according to your fee agreement. You are free to negotiate with the attorney for a lesser amount than 25%, but it cannot exceed that percentage of a top amount of $6,000 regardless of the amount of your back pay.

Don't give up when you get that denial notice, contact an attorney and fight for the benefits you need and deserve. Contact a law office like Glen Cook Social Security Attorney for more information and assistance.