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What You Can Expect To Get From A Winning Personal Injury Case

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If you've been involved in a personal injury case and won, you can expect to receive compensation from the defendant, which is usually the person's insurance company. Every injury case is different, and the amount of money you can expect to receive usually depends on the severity of your injuries as well as a number of other factors. If you recently took up an injury case in court and won, here is a list of the common items you can expect to receive compensation for. 

Medical Costs

Since you were injured as a result of someone's negligence, you undoubtedly ended up with an assortment of medical visits, resulting in costs to you. Once you've taken your case to court and won, you can expect to receive compensation for those costs. While the settlement may not cover every single dime of your expenses such as certain medications or the gas required to get to and from doctor visits, it should cover the cost of any surgery you had to undergo as well as specific doctor visits. It is also possible that you'll receive compensation for an estimated amount of future medical costs incurred as a result of your injury.

Lost Income

The odds are fairly high that you had to miss work as a result of being injured, which can definitely have a negative impact on your income. Not only have you lost the money you would've been making while at work, you've also ended up with excess costs while coping with treatment. Expect to get this money back after you've proven how much time you have missed from work, but you may also be entitled to get more money due to the probability of not being able to return to work full time. This is known as a "loss of earning capacity" and indicates that your injury is preventing you from doing the same job or working the same amount of hours as you did prior to the accident. 

Property Compensation

Whether it is your car or your home, or even the clothes you were wearing while you were injured, you should be entitled to recouping the cost of these losses. Your vehicle will need to be handled directly with the car insurance company. Other items could be compensated to you for their fair market value and this will all depend on the current retail prices as well as any proof or receipts you might be able to provide.

Pain, Suffering, And Distress

There's no doubt you've undergone some anguish as a result of being injured. If you're still coping with physical pain, you may be able to receive some "pain and suffering" compensation. When it comes to your personal emotional pain, this distress can also be addressed. Emotional distress is difficult to prove, and you must be able to show that the injury has had some kind of serious psychological impact on you. If you can prove this successfully, you may be eligible to receive some set amount of compensation as a result. While this list is not all inclusive when it comes to personal injury cases, it gives you an idea of some of the things the courts may award you in order to resolve your case from a financial perspective. 

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