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Why Evidence Is So Important To Auto Accident Cases

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At the time of the accident, evidence to prove your case is probably the furthest thing from your mind. You are perfectly correct to place a priority on recovering from injuries sustained by a wreck. In time, you might want to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case and you might then begin to be aware of what evidence is and how it can affect your case. To learn more about car accident evidence and what it's used for, read on.

Evidence of Fault

One of the first issues some accident victims encounter is the issue of fault. The other driver might be claiming that you caused the accident instead of them. Investigations into the matter can be inconclusive and biased based on who performs the action. For example, the insurance adjuster might find in favor of their client to avoiding paying for the damages. Additionally, law enforcement provides some idea as to fault on the accident report but that is generally inadmissible in court. While the driver's statements and the accident reports are all evidence, other forms of evidence could be used to help point the finger of fault. For example: 

  1. Photographs of the wrecked vehicles can show impact locations.
  2. Photographs of the accident scene can show skid marks and roadside damages.
  3. Video footage of the wreck from nearby cams can show the accident in motion as it occurs.
  4. Eye-witness statements from those who saw the wreck happen can show fault.
  5. Lay witness statements (though likely biased) from other vehicle occupants can attest to fault.
  6. Expert testimony from accident reconstruction specials can show fault.

Evidence to Prove Damages

Proving fault is only the beginning. You must also be prepared to show proof of each and every item on the list of damages. For example: 

  • Medical expenses can be proven with records and statements from medical facilities.
  • Car damage can be proven with photographs and repair estimates.
  • Lost wages can be proven with pay statements or income tax returns.
  • Future medical expenses can be proven using information from medical experts.

Both of the above areas are dependent on evidence and the amount and quality of the evidence can greatly influence not just winning your claim but the amount of money you end up being paid. Although the greater burden of work to gather evidence is on your personal injury attorney, only you can know the full scope of the way the accident occurred and the way it has affected your life. Visit a law office like Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A. as soon as possible to get your case moving.