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What To Do When You Realize Essure Is The Root Of Your Problems

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Women around the world have been suffering due to a small medical device meant to prevent pregnancy. Did your doctor talk you into having Essure implanted in your fallopian tubes? If so, you don't have to continue living with the unexpected side effects associated with the implants. Here, you'll find out what you need to do to start working to take your life back.

Journal the Symptoms

Taking note of the symptoms that you experience each day will help you in many ways – it will give you a clear picture of exactly what's been going on with your body, help a doctor create a treatment plan and it can help a personal injury lawyer represent you if the time comes to sue Bayer for producing this poorly tested device.

Write down everything that you're experiencing – even if you don't think that it's related to the Essure coils. You see, symptoms that women are experiencing wouldn't seem like they could be caused by small coils in fallopian tubes – like tasting metal in your mouth, feeling tired all of the time, getting excruciating headaches and even trying to live with depression.

Other symptoms include body aches, extreme cramping, clotting and heavy bleeding throughout your menstrual cycle – cramping between cycles and so much more.

Talk with a Lawyer

Before you go back to the doctor that put the coils in place, talk with a personal injury lawyer. Some medical practices are being very reluctant to accept that the device is causing all of these problems, so it might be in your best interest to talk with the lawyer before you go screaming at your doctor to cut the coils back out of your body. The lawyer may have a doctor on board that is already working with other women with the hopes of holding Bayer responsible for their failures with this product.

Talking with the lawyer will also help you obtain the coils after they're removed from your body. They may need to be transported directly to the law office in order to protect the chain of custody if they were to become evidence at a later date.

Stay positive. Yes, something tiny that was supposed to be safer for you than traditional tubal ligation has left you feeling awful and may continue to do so until they're surgically removed, but eventually, you can reclaim the life that this company has taken away from you.