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How An Event Data Recorder Can Strengthen Your Accident Lawsuit

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Did you know that many newer cars have event data recorders (EDRs) that may help you in case of an accident claim? Read on to understand what an EDR is and how it can help with your accident claim.

What Is It?

An event data recorder is a device installed in a car to record certain information about the car and its occupants shortly before, during, and shortly after an accident. An EDR is also informally referred to as a car's "black box." Here are some of the information an EDR may record and how it may help you in an auto accident lawsuit:

The Vehicle's Speed

EDR data can reveal how fast both of you were going shortly before the accident; you can use it to prove your reasonable speed driving or disapprove the defendant's claim. for example, if you were hit by an over speeding driving at night, they may try to defend themselves by claiming that they were driving reasonably given the prevailing circumstances of the road. However, if you can get their EDR data, you can use it to get the actual speed of the defendant's car. That way the court can determine whether the defendant's speed was reasonable or not.

Whether You Were Wearing a Seatbelt

Did you know that not wearing a seatbelt can affect your car accident claim? This is because it is a known fact that seatbelts reduce the severity of injuries in car accidents. In fact, there are laws enforcing seatbelt use under various circumstances. Therefore, if you are severely injured in an accident, the defendant may claim that your injuries are that severe because you weren't wearing a seatbelt. However, your EDR data can come to your rescue by proving that your seatbelts were fastened at the time of the crash.

Tire Pressure

An underinflated or overinflated tire can cause an accident by making it difficult to maintain control of a car under difficult circumstances. For example, accelerating to avoid a crash can be difficult if your tires are underinflated. Another example is overinflated tires that can easily burst when they hit a pothole. Therefore, if you have witnesses testifying to underinflated tires on the defendant's car, you can use EDR data to support the testimony and make the under-inflation a fact.

Brake Application and Acceleration

Lastly, you can use EDR data to shed more light on your respective driving behavior around the time of the crash. Who tried to avoid the accident by braking? Who was trying to overtake the other one by accelerating? Who didn't make any attempt to avoid the crash at all? EDR may give you the answers to these questions because it records acceleration and braking data too.

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