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Did You Pursue Breast Cancer Treatment With A False Diagnosis? What To Do

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Did you start to undergo treatment for breast cancer and did you have a mastectomy, only to find out that the cells and lumps in your breasts weren't actually cancer? If so, a medical malpractice lawyer can help you with your case right away. There are a lot of factors that will play into the case. Your lawyer will want to see what the blood reports shows, what the pathologist report look liked, and they will want copies of all the images from scans and other tests. Here are a few things to consider.

Pathology Report

The pathology report may be the key item of evidence in the case. Many pathologists that don't see breast cancer commonly can have a hard time diagnosing and the misdiagnoses could have cost you a lot of time, energy and mental strain. If the pathologist is the professional who messed up the diagnosis, the case may have be based around them. Some studies show that pathologists only correctly diagnose cells about half the time, and you shouldn't have to suffer because of it.

Signs and Symptoms

Did you have the signs and symptoms of breast cancer or did you feel like the case was being over examined and that you didn't have the cancer? If you expressed to your physician or oncologist that you didn't have all of the signs of the cancer and that you wanted a second opinion, and they urged you to act as quickly as possible, this is evidence that the case was rushed.

Blood Screenings

If the blood screenings didn't show any abnormalities or there weren't any warnings that your body was trying to fight off some type of illness or toxin in the body, then why did the doctor's feel the need to act so aggressively. Get your lawyer a copy of all the blood work you have from the appointments.

You should get all the money back that you had invested into the treatments, along with additional money for the all of the stress and strain it put on your life. If you ended up taking time off work, adjusting your lifestyle, and being sick from the treatments, these are all things that your lawyer is going to include in the settlement. Your lawyer will first try to settle with the medical facility out of court, but if this doesn't work then you'll have to go in front of a judge to plead the case. Click here to find out more.