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3 Steps You Must Take In Order To Win A Worker's Comp. Claim

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While The Department of Labor reported that over three million employees suffered a work-place injury or illness, hopefully, you won't become the next statistic. 

But, if you do become hurt while performing your job, below are crucial steps you'll need to take in order to solidify your case:

1. Contact A Personal Injury Attorney Specializing In Worker's Compensation.

One of the most important things that you could do in this scenario is often the thing that most injured workers fail to accomplish. This is usually because they underestimate what's involved with filing and winning a worker's compensation claim. The New York Times published a worker's compensation feature, highlighting several employees who waited up to three years to receive proper compensation for their workplace injuries.

One claimant was completely denied benefits after falling off of a scaffolding and injuring his leg! Cases like this highlight the awful fact that employers often blame employees for their own injuries.  

2. Visit Your Company's Physician And An Independent Physician. 

Another reason why it's crucial for you to hire an attorney is they can help you to win compensation for contracting the services of an independent physician. In addition to having new injuries diagnosed, your line of work might have aggravated your pre-existing conditions. And, there are conditions that might have developed over an extended period of time, due to your being exposed to chemical or airborne hazardous materials. 

It's not uncommon for a company-contracted physician to downgrade an injury diagnosis in order to help their client (your employer) to save money on the compensation reward they're expected to pay you, so it's crucial for you to gain a second diagnosis, especially if your job responsibilities involves working with hazardous materials. 

3. Keep Meticulous Records Of All Of Your Case-Related Conversations. 

It might feel weird to carry around a notepad in order to keep a running journal of your conversations with your employers and your medical team. However, it's imperative for your attorney to know every nuance of what's taking place when your company's management team and your physicians speak with you. 

This allows the attorney to learn if you're being exploited or if there's any conversations that could be used to help you to win your case. 

Don't fall into the trap of believing that your employer has your best interest in mind with regards to workplace injury compensation. Your personal injury attorney wants to advocate your best financial interest while you're in recovery.