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3 Facts About DUI's That Senior Citizens And Their Loved Ones Should Know

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Virtually everyone who gets a driver’s license today knows that the use of alcohol and many medications can make driving unsafe and illegal. However, that has not always been true. Given how rarely some states require new driving or written tests to renew a driver’s license, many senior citizens could break the law on a regular basis and never realize it. The increased independence and longer lives that many senior citizens enjoy can lead to some older people driving after consuming medication. Read More»

3 Keys To Maximize On Your Personal Injury Case

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Anybody that is hurt in a situation that requires personal injury litigation may be scared and unsure. The legal system can be a daunting beast to deal with, especially if you are not used to handling such situations. Seriousness in this situation is magnified, since you have potentially serious injuries that must be dealt with, along with expensive medical bills that can cause financial peril. If you want to be sure that you come out of a lawsuit in a good position, follow some of these tips. Read More»

Were You Injured In Your Rental Home?

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When you hear the term ‘slip and fall’ injury, you might think about someone falling on a recently mopped floor in a grocery store or other public establishment. However, what happens when you slip and fall in your own home because your landlord can be described by another term known as a ‘slumlord’? Here are some tips to help you get the compensation you deserve for being injured in an unmaintained rental home. Read More»

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

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Personal injury lawyers are those lawyers who specifically practice in law concerning bodily harm, financial loss, or mental anguish due to the direct or indirect actions of another. When hiring a personal injury lawyer, certain factors need to be taken into consideration, as the exact nature of the lawyer’s work, experience, and time allowance can dramatically influence the outcome of your case. So before you hire, make sure to ask: How Do You Issue Fees? Read More»

Why Every Defendant Deserves A Good Defense

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When it is apparent that someone has committed a serious crime, there are many people who deride the defense lawyer(s), especially if the crime is controversial, heinous, and or highly publicized. Maybe you have been tempted to do that too, but you should know that there are solid reasons why every defendant deserves a good defense within the US justice system. To Keep the System Balanced The justice system has five components: Read More»

Six Forms Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Every Employee Should Recognize

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When it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, there are two basic categories recognized by law: Quid pro quo, which involves the direct treatment of an employee by a supervisor, and the sexually hostile work environment. These two categories cover a comprehensive list of unfavorable conditions and behaviors. Learning to recognize the various forms of sexual harassment is the best way to keep yourself protected. 1. Explicit Sexual Comments Read More»